WWE Raw results and highlights on Monday night 

WWE Raw results and highlights on Monday night 

WWE Raw results and highlights on Monday night. Drew McIntyre kicked off RAW and said that having sent Randy Orton to the hospital last week with three Claymore kicks, he was now back despite the fractured jaw. He said that the WWE title match at Clash of Champions should be an ambulance match.

Adam Pearce came out and said that Randy’s condition was unconfirmed and he might not be able to compete at Clash of Champions. Drew had a match with Keith Lee tonight and if Lee won and Randy was still not clear to compete in two weeks, according to Pearce, Keith Lee would take Orton’s place at Clash of Champions.

Keith Lee came out and shook the WWE champ’s hand, reminding him that he posed a very real threat to McIntyre and his title.

Shinsuke and Cesaro were doubleteaming Dawkins off the bat after he and Cesaro kicked us off. Dawkins managed to take down Nakamura and tag in Ford who hit a dive on the SmackDown champs before being caught and sent into the barricades.

We returned to RAW after a break to see Dawkins counter the Kinshasa before Ford went for the Frogsplash but Nakamura got his knees up. Cesaro hit the uppercut on Ford and then the Superplex but Dawkins had sneaked in a tag.

Here is the results of WWE Raw on Monday night and highlights


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