Top 9 football records in history unlikely to be broken

Top 9 football records in history unlikely to be broken

Top 9 football records in history unlikely to be broken. In the history of football here are some records that may not be broken, follow me let’s discuss about top nine football record in history that’s hard to be broken or that may not be broken in the world.

Here is the most top 9 football record history in the world that may unlikely to be broken.

1. Winning of two Fifa world cups and a runners-up and having been actively in the squad of the Brazilian team , and also participating in all the matches as done by Ronaldo of Brazil.

2. Captaining in as many as 16(sixteen) matches in Fifa world cups as Captained by Maradona; it is really amazing. May be centuries will be required for a player to Captain a team in as many as 16 matches. Maradona has the record of Captaining in 16 matches.

3. To make the first international debut at an early age of 16(sixteen) as Maradona had done when he was only sixteen- year old ; making his first international debut at a stadium in 1977 against Hungary.

4. The record of Joseph Bican, as he had scored more than 1400(fourteen hundred ) goals in his football career.(Record Sports Sosser Statistics Foundatio ).

5. The goal of the century was conferred upon Maradona by FIFA. One of the goals of Maradona was selected ‘ the goal of the century’ in a match in 1986 wherein he dribbled past more than five players having a length of almost 66 yards up to the goal post. Analysts say, for sure, people will have to wait for centuries to see and watch such a goal from an attacking player again.

6. Ronaldinho’s mesmerising goals and assists.

7. A beautiful midfielder like Gerson of Brazil who is said to be the ‘ brain man’ in helping Brazil to lift the 1970 Fifa world cup.

8. Jairzinho’s all the most beautiful 7(seven) goals which helped Brazil to become victorious in 1970.

9. Also the list would be incomplete if we do not mention the 1990 Fifa world cup referee in the final match and the referee was Codessal (who retired after this disputable match) who gave a red card and also sent -off an Argentine in the said match and also awarded a penalty in the last 85 minutes of the game and the memory echoes in the minds of the people till today.

On 8 July, 1990 Edgardo Codesal directed the World cup between Germany Women and Argentina Women. With two Argentine expulsions (Monzon and Dezzoti) and many controversies throughout the game. During an interview with the Uruguay radio – Tirand Paredes, Edgardo Codesal commented that he could have kicked Maradona out before the match as reported by La Nacion. Even today , whenever the subject is discussed, people say: Edgardo Codesal got the proper place to take revenge against Maradona.

Let us hear what Edgardo Codesal commented:” I( Edgardo Codesal) could have shown another ‘red card’ following the sending off of Pedro Monzon in the 65th minute.”

Recollecting that game, people feel that Edgardo Codesal was sent by FIFA to rob the Argentines.

When Edgardo Codesal met his wife – the daughter of Javier Arriaga Muniz, a Mexican who at that time was the director of the Fifa international referee commission – Edgardo Codesal decided to stay in Mexico. He was nationalised Mexican in 1981. Edgardo Codesal’s father was a famous Uruguay referee ( he passed away in 1979) who was active at two world cup finals. 8 July, 1990 shall remain a dark day in the football history of referee at Studio Olimpico with a late penalty kick taken by Andreas Brehme being the Fifa final’s only goal. The Argentines deserved two penalties but penalties were declined.

Later the whole people of the world and even an ex- Ptesident of the Mexican Referee Commission alleged that Edgardo Codesal had been instructed by FIFA( FIFA politics) to let Germany win.

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