Reason why 3 goals called Hat-Trick in Football

Reason why 3 goals called Hat-Trick in Football

Reason why 3 goals called Hat-Trick in Football. All sporting games, football is the most popular and most engaging, people travel across continents to simply watch a 90-minute game. The game even gets better when a player scores a hat trick. But have you ever wondered why 3 goals are called a “hat-trick”? Here’s why.

What does hat-trick means in football?

Football general term used to describe incident or event that occur in the field of play like the word ‘hat-trick is used to describe 3 goals scored by a player in a game.

What does brace means? 

Brace means to score 2 goals in a match is also called double which means that a player scores two goals in a single match.

The term ” hat-trick” was never used in football first. It was originally used in cricket in 1858.

H. Stephenson, a cricket player, impressed his fans by taking 3 wickets with an incredible 3 deliveries. The cricket fans were so impressed that they decided to collect money in a hat. They then went on to present the hat with the money to him and the word “hat-trick” was born.

With time, the term gained popularity even to other games. In football, when a player scores 3 goals, it’s called a hat-trick. The player is usually given the match ball as a reward for his performance.

A perfect hat-trick in football is more difficult. A player has to score with his left and right foot and also with his head. Cristiano Ronaldo only has 8 perfect hat-tricks in his career.

The term is also used in other sports like baseball, handball and hockey

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