Jose Antonio Reyes’ 1 year death anniversary as EPL clubs and arsenal players remember their hero

Jose Antonio Reyes' 1 year death anniversary as EPL clubs and arsenal players remember their hero

Today mark exactly one year that Arsenal player Jose Antonio Reyes has died as all EPL clubs and Gunners players remember their hero.

The English football clubs together with Arsenal FC are now in memory of the death of one of their top players who have ever existed in EPL and who have ever played for Arsenal FC.

This is the fist time they are doing this for the late Jose Antonio Reyes who got to pass away last year on 1st June.

The memory was posted by Arsenal FC in their official twitter handle together with some other players from the club and outside the club where their thousands of fans had to send their condolences to the family, friends and relatives in the memory of Reyes’ death.

As indicated by the club through their official tweeter handle, Jose was born on 1st September 1983 and died on 1st June 2019. This means he died at an early age of 36 years.

José was a high profile player in Arsenal and English Premier League as a whole for he is highly remembered for his contribution to most success of Arsenal FC.

Reyes celebrating after he scored a goal against Manchester United back in 2004, a game which ended 5-2.

When looking for those players who helped Arsenal FC to make an history which has never been broken to date, the late Antonio Reyes will never miss on the list.

He is remembered for that, the time when Arsenal won the English Premier League tittle unbeaten back in 2004.

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