Italian Serie A Resumption Date Announces, as League Restart on June 20

Italian Serie A Resumption Date Announces, as League Restart on June 20

Italian Series A has announced resumption date after the coronavirus pandemic shutdown, Italy’s minister for sport Vincenzo Spadafora says Serie A season will resume on June 20.

When is Series A Resumption date? – Italian Series A will resume on June 20 as the League return action properly

Italy’s minister for sport Vincenzo Spadafora said the Serie A season could resume on “June 13 or 20” following the coronavirus outbreak.

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc globally, with the Serie A campaign suspended in March due to the pandemic.

A decision on the season is expected on Thursday as Serie A looks to follow in the footsteps of Germany’s Bundesliga, which resumed on May 15.

“We are working on two possible dates to begin Serie A games, on June 13 or 20,” Spadafora told Rai TG3.

“The protocol arrived for resuming the season and it is very similar to the one that was agreed for training. On Thursday, we’ll decide if and when to resume.”

Defending champions Juventus were a point clear of Lazio through 26 games when the league was halted.

“This emergency has shown some critical issues in the world of football that we will face in a general reform that will happen before the end of the summer,” Spadafora said.

“Among those issues we include allowing women’s football players to become professional athletes.”

Italian Footballers’ Association (AIC) president Damiano Tommasi has insisted players are happy to return to action amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“If the conditions are met, the players are happy to start again,” he told Sky Sport on Sunday.

“Criticising does not mean being against recovery. Temperatures, travel, and more – the critical issues are there and we highlight them. But the desire is to play in the best possible way anyway.”

Lazio manager Simone Inzaghi has also backed an imminent restart of the competition as his side look to claim a surprise league title.

“We are happy to start again. It is the wish that we finish the championship in favour of all the people who work in football and for the fans,” the Lazio head coach told Rai 2 on Sunday.

“The prerequisites are there. We coaches have all felt we want to start again safely.

“Regardless of the ranking, before the pandemic, we were doing something extraordinary.”

Serie A’s potential return will likely follow in the footsteps of La Liga, with Spain’s top flight now hoping to resume on June 11 with the Seville derby.

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