Chelsea fans react as Roman Abramovich sacks Frank Lampard

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Chelsea fans reacted to the sacking of Frank Lampard on Monday, 25 January 2021. Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich released his full speech while the blues part way with Frank Lampard today.

Here are the fans reaction on twitter as Chelsea sacked Frank Lampard.

“I don’t pity Frank Lampard cos he did worse as a player to play a role in jeopardizing and frustrating poorly-performing managers and getting them sacked. He’s lucky he even had players and back room staff members who respected him.”

“Gone but NEVER forgotten. He will forever be a Chelsea legend and an example for all the players that play and will play for this club.”

“Very sad day, I’m heartbroken. 💔”

“Sad but a good development from the club… hopefully Rafael Benitez takes over.”

“Heartbroken💔 But thanks for everything❤”

“Thoughts on the decision, Chelsea fans?”

“The strategy of just constantly sacking managers is divisive, creates an extremely toxic culture of actual fans having to put up with glory hunters wanting managers gone every 2 seconds and it only helped us in the short term. We are no longer the biggest spending club in the”

“Not even trying to banter but this is stupid. Patience is a virtue your board should learn from. Long term lampard would’ve been a great manager and your patience would’ve been rewarded. Now you’re probably going to get short term success and be back to square 1 in a few months. Absolutely stupid decision to get rid of him. Yes he’s underperforming but come on, he’ll come good eventually. He needed more time.”


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